cheese baguel

Cheese baguel with almond flour

A different baguel, flavored with cheese and almond flour

If you wear one ketogenic diet, It is important not only the taste but the nutrients you give your body. And what better if those recipes they are full of flavor and creativity.

Preparing this recipe is extremely fast, and with only a few ingredients, and about 20 minutes of baking; you get a delicious baguel for a healthy and flavorful breakfast.

Another benefit of this recipe is that it does not contain wheat flour, so without gluten is cause for concern about the effects on your body; the healthy substitution for almond flour is safe and delicious.

cheese baguel


1 cup of almond flour

3 cups of mozzarella cheese

56gr of cream cheese type Philladelphia

1 teaspoon baking soda

2 organic eggs

poppy seeds


Place the almond flour and bicarbonate in a container.

In a pot, melt the cheese into a uniform mass of the same color by moving quickly with a silicone spatula to prevent the cheese from burning at the bottom of the pot.

Mix the cheese dough with the flour and add the eggs. Use a silicone spatula to avoid sticking the container or the spoon, and make a compact dough of uniform color.

Wash your hands and make four balls of dough (or six smaller ones). Place on a tray with waxed paper and make a hole in the center of the dough with your finger.

My personal technique is to sink my finger into the center of the dough and turn in circles quickly, making the hole in the center large enough so that when baking it does not close again.

Lastly, sprinkle with the poppy seeds. They will give a crunchy touch to your baguel at mealtime.

Bake at 220 degrees C for about 20 minutes. The best sign that they are ready is the golden color, and the smell that suddenly begins to flood your kitchen.

To eat, you can fill it with different ingredients, from a salmon carpaccio, cream cheese and capers; or a few slices of turkey ham.

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