coconut ice cream

Coconut ice cream. Delicious and refreshing

A Keto dessert to freshen up the afternoon with coconut cream flavor

When it comes to enjoying an exquisite dessert, while you are taking care of your figure and your health; the option to include coconut is never wrong.

The coconut provides a good dose of protein to your nutrition, but above that, a flavor reminiscent of the beach and the tropics.

This is a dessert that brings you sweet memories with the aroma of the sea that takes you out of the routine, and of course, out of the cardboard box.

If you follow one ketogenic diet, the macros in this recipe will give you great pleasure, apart from adding a new healthy recipe to your keto dessert cookbook.


½ cup unsweetened unsweetened coconut

4 oz cream cheese

¾ tz of Monkfruit or stevia

1 organic egg Beaten

1 cup heavy cream

½ teaspoon vanilla

½ teaspoon coconut extract


Mix all the ingredients with a hand mixer.

Cook over low heat until it has a creamy consistency. for approximately 8 to 10 minutes.

Do not let it not boil, moving continuously.

Pour into 4 molds and refrigerate.

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