Detox beet with ginger and parsley ..

Detox beet with ginger and parsley ..


Today's detox to start that recovery week from a hectic weekend is beet with ginger and parsley.

A delicious combination that will help you regulate your blood circulation while detoxifying you of all that you have accumulated in your body and make you feel heavy.

This detox juice recipe has many benefits, especially if you have been abusing visits to the refrigerator, or if you have been eating difficult-to-process foods like meats.

El ginger, with its spicy flavor, helps your digestion process by accelerating your body and helping it eliminate toxins accumulated in your intestines.

Beet juice, with that intense color by itself, is ideal to help you control your blood pressure; and with a little parsley, it cleanses your kidneys allowing them to cleanse your blood in an optimal way.


1 Betabel, or beet in other countries that read us.

1 sprig of parsley

1 small strain of fresh ginger


Remove the beetroot of its crust and cut it into squared pieces so as not to force your mixer.

Do the same with the ginger

Add the sprig of parsley into the blender glass

Add 1/2 glass of water

If you want a little ice, it doesn't hurt. And enjoy!

Remember that in Equilibrium we present nutrition styles, which for one is ideal and healthy, for another it is not. If you are going to eat meats, remember to eat them as little as possible cooked, because the more cooked the body takes much longer to digest it. Grains and vegetables pass much easier through your digestive and intestinal tract, and although they have many benefits, for some people, a good piece of meat, fish or chicken, provide protein and other nutrients that your body asks for.

Our Detox They are for you to cleanse your body little by little of those toxins. They are not a game or a fad, you should always consult a nutritionist to determine if you want to do a continuous detox plan every day.

If you want to know more about the use of herbs in detox, we invite you to visit this link at Trends from our page.

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