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Green salad with chicken, goji and feta cheese

A contrast of flavors with all the benefits of a green salad.

Green is the color of health when it comes to food. From containing chlorophyll to the fiber they provide, green vegetables are an essential part of a balanced diet.

But what better way to add textures and contrasts in flavors to a good salad? Especially when these ingredients add vitamins and minerals to raise your defenses.

Goji, that fashionable Himalayan fruit, contains a high amount of vitamin C per gram, higher than other popular citrus fruits. 

White meat is a good alternative to keep cholesterol low, while adding a good source of protein to your diet.

And of course, fiber from the salad itself to regulate your intestinal transit.

This recipe is one of my favorites, because it is easy and fast, but also because it is nutritious.


½ organic chicken breast

15 dehydrated gojis

30 grams of feta cheese

Balsamic vinegar


5 sheets of castle

1 bunch of arugula

Coconut oil

Salt to taste

Lemon and pepper seasoning.


First of all, after cleaning the chicken from unwanted fat. Cut into cubes of about 3 cm in diameter.

Season the chicken with a little salt, and lemon and pepper seasoning to give the chicken a spicy but flavorful touch.

Cook the chicken until golden brown in a cast iron skillet with coconut oil.


At the same time cook the chicken. Wash the vegetables in a container with water, letting them soak with a few drops of iodine to kill bacteria.

In my case, I have started to plant my vegetables in pots in the kitchen in an organic way 

vegetable centrifuge

Wash with water again, and drain in a salad spinner to avoid excess water and ensure the crisp consistency of the vegetables.

In a small container, crumble the feta cheese with a fork.

In a large container, place the vegetables, adding the goji, a portion of croutons, the chicken and the cheese made.

Garnish with the balsamic and stir carefully with two salad forks.

My recommendation is a balsamic of figs with honey that give it a slightly sweeter touch to contrast between sweet, salty and spicy. There are many others that you can find at your fingertips, and experiment with these flavors, up to a homemade vinaigrette to give it your personal touch.

Enjoy this delicious salad, it has a bit of everything, especially contrasts and textures!

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