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Who has not thrown a stone to lower a delicious Mango?

Summer is mango season, and because of its flavor the mango enjoys a unique status among fruits

Raw or ripe, many things can be made with fresh raw mango. Raw mangoes have a strong sour taste, while ripe mangoes are juicy and sweet to eat.

It is the king of tropical Asian fruits, its botanical name for mango is Mangilera indica. It is cultivated mainly in India; however the fruit is now widely grown in China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Haiti, Mexico, and Brazil. Numerous varieties are grown, in India alone, there are more than 500 varieties, but only about 35 varieties are widely cultivated.

Mangoes can be consumed in ripe or immature conditions and both are well known for their medicinal properties. Green mangoes can be kept at room temperature for a few days, and for ripen them just like the banana, keep them in covered with paper. The ripe ones must be stored in the refrigerator, and to consume them you must let them return to room temperature to obtain their natural flavor.

Its benefits:

The mango is generally green in color, although the mature variety is available in several colors, including yellow, orange, deep red, or purple.

The center of the fruit has a single seed, which is oblong and flat.

It is highly appreciated for its nutritional properties, as they are an excellent source of vitamin C, which is comparatively more than ripe mangoes.

Crude is a rich source of pectin that gradually diminishes after stone formation. When it has not ripened it has a sour taste due to the presence of oxalic, citric, malicious and succinic acids.

Raw mangoes are also a good source of B vitamins that are beneficial for maintaining good health and can be used in the preparation of numerous dishes such as jellies or jams.

Due to the presence of vitamin C, they are highly beneficial in strengthening the immune system.

They are also used to make mango pickles, which are an excellent accompaniment to any Asian food. This fruit is also used in many forms, such as juices, jams, sauces, hot sauces, and dry powder.

Softening agent in the kitchen: In both its green and ripe forms, it is a very good softening agent due to these same enzymes, therefore it is ideal to include in any marinade.

Gastrointestinal disorders: Unripe green mangoes are beneficial in treating gastrointestinal disorders. Mix a chopped raw mango with honey and salt. The consumption of this mixture is very effective in curing summer diarrhea, dysentery, hemorrhoids, nausea, chronic dyspepsia, indigestion and constipation.

Heatstroke: This juicy fruit for its amount of gua protects you from the negative effects of excessive heat.

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Mango Juice


two ripe mangoes

1 teaspoon brown sugar

1 pinch of cumin

1 pinch of anise

1 pinch of Celtic salt


After peeling the mango, cut its pulp into pieces as small as possible; which you will add with the other ingredients and water to taste in a pot.

Boil for about 15 minutes and stir constantly until a uniform mixture is achieved.

Let cool and pass through the strainer to remove excess pulp.

You can prepare a refreshing mango juice by grating and cooking with brown sugar and water, the raw mango pulp should be mixed with cumin seeds, black pepper and anise. Add a little rock salt to your drink. Strain and serve this cold drink in the summer to overcome dehydration.

Take advantage of these tropical fruits in summer, as well as the guava, Which are seasonal foods so they are their moment of highest content in vitamins and minerals.

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