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Cook against the energy and gas bill!

If you are concerned every time the electricity or gas bill arrives at your home, we are also concerned about the use of more energy resources and its consequent environmental impact due to energy waste.

Your pots and the way you cook can help your pocketbook and your eco-conscience.

Follow these practical and simple tips, and watch your energy bill go down!

  • Use a kitchen according to the size of your needs. If you don't use a natural gas oven, but you have one, the pilot continues to burn burning gas that you don't use.
  • Always put the lid on your pots while cooking for various reasons. First, you reduce your energy consumption by concentrating the heat and not letting it escape. Second, you preserve all the flavor of your food.
  • Use pressure cookers when you can. The higher the pressure inside the pot, the more heat is generated in half the time, therefore, more money in your pocket and less in that of the electric company.
  • Try serial cooking. There are foods like beans, kidney beans or beans, which can be cooked in larger quantities and stored in your refrigerator without losing flavor.
  • Defrost the day before and keep the chain freezing. Conserve energy by lowering the food you are going to consume the next day from the freezer to the refrigerator the night before, thus saving gas or electricity by trying to defrost quickly, without losing flavor and nutrients. Aside from this, do not take food out of the refrigerator directly, the abrupt change in temperature can result in the generation of batteries and the decomposition of food.
  • Keep your stove or gas range burners clean to ensure that heat spreads evenly and efficiently. Besides, a clean kitchen is a healthy kitchen.
  • Try to cook food by making smart use of the temperature knob. Cook at high temperature at first and gradually decrease. There are even vegetables that you can finish cooking with the stove off once the water has boiled, letting the internal pressure and to take advantage of the residual heat to cook for you.
  • Lastly, use technology to your advantage. There are many pots that have rings at the bottom. These brands are not decorative, nor are they the latest in utensils, they are special to help spread the heat through your pot more efficiently. Many old pots not only take longer to heat up, but depending on the material they can even be toxic. Update your Cookware!
  • Check your gas installations, that they do not have leaks; not only for safety but because it represents a direct saving when braking the meter.
  • If your kitchen is electric, with induction hobs that are easy to clean; keep it clean to be energy efficient and lower your electricity bill.
  • Check the power to contract with your electricity contract. If your energy consumption is high, you should contact your company to verify your supply, since many companies by increasing the contracted power, lower the cost per kilowatt.

It does not matter the type of your kitchen, be it gas or induction cooker; you can lower your gas or electricity consumption with these simple tips, for your pocket and for the planet. Remember that electricity and gas do not come out of nowhere, they are generated by plants that if you reduce your consumption, they reduce the pollutants generated and reduce the speed with which we consume non-renewable natural resources.

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