Eco friendly Christmas decorations

Eco friendly Christmas decorations

Tips for being in balance during the holidays.

The Christmas holidays are accompanied by beautiful decorations that enliven several of the local traditions. However, many of them are not completely environmentally friendly.

To keep us in balance with the planet this season, there are several options to reduce the amount of waste derived from gift wrapping. According to the Federal District Secretary of the Environment (SEDEMA), during the Christmas holidays, up to 30% more solid waste is generated compared to the rest of the year. 35% of this waste is wrapping and packaging.

Another option to reduce the negative impact on the environment is the use of series of LED lights for your tree and balconies. The Trust for the Saving of Electric Energy (FIDE) affirms that the use of LED technology It can reduce light consumption by up to 70% compared to incandescent light fixtures.

In the case of the Christmas tree, many people choose to acquire an artificial one in order to use it in later years, but if you prefer the natural option, just make sure to buy it in a specialized forest center where its plantation is sustainable and promotes the local economy. as in the case of the reservation Amecameca; and after the holidays are over, deposit it in a collection center where it will be converted into paper or cardboard.

You can also put your creativity into practice and reuse materials such as cardboard, paper, glass or aluminum To create your own ornaments from recycled materials, you will find various proposals on the internet.

Countless ideas can arise when you put your brain to work.

  • Use the old CDs to paint ornaments for the tree. Save the rolls of toilet paper and make decorated soldiers. A birth of the cork waste from your bottles. Save the wooden ice cream popsicles and make painted angels. Save the used glass bottles, wash them well, and decorate them to give your personal recipe of Ron Pope
  • . Aluminum cans are ideal for giving your gingerbread cookies
  • . The Crystal Balls old and left alone, you can redecorate them with more glitter and rubber with the names of your family.

Remember that you can celebrate these dates and maintain a harmony with nature. If you have another idea to have an eco-friendly Christmas, don't hesitate to share it!

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