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From trash to waste in one step

Fortunately, a few years ago in Mexico a movement began in favor of the culture of waste separation, thanks to which the amount of garbage generated was reduced and the separation of waste that can be reused or recycled was promoted.

However, as time goes by, it is evident that most people still do not know the correct way to separate the waste they generate, or the life cycle of recyclable materials.

It is estimated that in Mexico 42 million tons of garbage are generated per year, which is equivalent to 175 times the volume of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán or 231 times the Azteca Stadium. Therefore, it is important that we are all informed about how each of us can collaborate in reducing waste.

In our country there is the General Law for the Prevention and Integral Management of Waste, which establishes the responsibilities of the authorities for the management of urban waste, however, it is important that you assume your responsibility in the generation of this waste and contribute to its correct disposal.

You have a clear definition of recycling ?

When you generate waste from the products you consume and mix them in a single container, you generate garbage, which you will surely identify as having a strong and unpleasant smell. If you separate these wastes by categories, in different containers, they become waste that can be used as raw material for new products and you will eliminate bad odors from your home containers. This is how you can decrease the amount of garbage that is confined in landfills and reduce the extraction of natural resources to create new products.

What are the categories in which the waste should be separated?

In many places in Mexico and other parts of the world, the Waste Classification Code is used. As of January 2004, XNUMX, the Solid Waste Law of the Federal District establishes the separation of organic and inorganic waste. With the passage of time, the recycling has become specialized and little by little it has become necessary to consider new categories of separation, which facilitate the use of the highest possible percentage of discarded materials and give

The Environmental Education Directorate of Mexico City made a more comprehensive proposal for the separation of waste, in which the division into up to seven categories is proposed, each of which can be identified in colored containers, as shown mentioned below:

Organic matter and toilet paper - green containers

Plastic bottles - blue containers

Sanitary waste - red containers

Metal waste - gray containers

Paper and cardboard waste - yellow containers

Glass bottles - white containers

Miscellaneous waste - brown containers

Phones used - Check here.

Although this is a broader proposal, in Mexico there is a long way to go in terms of the separation and recovery of waste. Countries like Germany have managed to give a second useful life to up to 70% of the waste generated throughout the country thanks to the contribution of citizens, who separate their waste into 19 different categories. Without a doubt, when you separate your waste you make a big difference contribution to the care of natural resources that allow us to have the lifestyle that we currently lead and ensure the supply of these resources also for the future.

Separating the garbage reduces the consumption of new resources and the emissions of polluting gases through these clean and clearly defined points!

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