take care of the planet. 5 practical tips.

Live in the city and take care of the Planet. 5 practical tips.

According to the United Nations (UN), the urban population grew by 2,000 billion inhabitants in 40 years and it is estimated that by 2030 it will increase by 3,000 billion more, so that urban areas will represent 2 thirds of the world's population.

To meet the needs of the urban population that is growing every day, the planet makes a greater effort to provide natural resources and degrade solid waste.

If you live in a city, you can help with small actions that help maintain the environmental balance in those areas.

Here are some tips:

  • Take care of the green areas of your community. In cities the green areas they are fundamental because they represent the lungs of the locality. You can organize with your neighbors to take care of and clean the parks or gardens of your neighborhood. You can even turn to local authorities to request tree planting.
  • Report water leaks
    If you detect Water leaks In some area of ​​your neighborhood, approach the corresponding government commission to avoid the loss of this valuable resource.
  • Place trash cans
    On many occasions the presence of solid waste in the street is intensified if there are no nearby garbage cans. In collaboration with neighbors, they can request the local authority to install trash bins specific to reduce, reuse and reduce waste.
  • Opt for transportation alternatives
    Use public transportation or share the car with someone is the best option to reduce the polluting gases emitted by vehicles, in addition to helping reduce traffic.
  • Participate in reforestations
    There are civil organizations that are in charge of reforesting the main parks located in some cities. Approach an organization and participate in events reforestation, cleaning of green areas or forest maintenance. In addition to supporting the Planet, you will discover that it is a very fun activity.

Help reduce the speed of climate change, your individual actions added to that of many more CAN make a difference for planet earth and its future generations.

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