PET plastics

Why choose PET plastic bottles? What does PET mean?

Learning to read labels not only helps to determine what is good for our body, but for the planet.

Whenever you can, turn the containers and look for the symbol of recycling with the number 1 in the middle ... Here you will understand everything ..

What is PET?

It is a plastic resin (its acronym in English, polyethylene terephthalate or polyethylene terephthalate), and the most common type of polyester. They are two modified monomers of ethylene and terephthalic acid-glycol, combined and purified to form the polymer called polyethylene terephthalate. PET was discovered and patented in England in 1941

Product manufacturers like it because it is safe, highly chemical resistant, highly crystallized, and versatile. Customers choose it for its safety, light weight, re-usability, tear resistance, and recyclability. Up to 100% of a PET package can be made from recycled PET, and the material can be recycled over and over again.

It is used for the manufacture by means of extrusion and injection of new water bottles, trays, beverage containers, etc .; But from PET with the recycled material you can also make carpet fibers; fabric for t-shirts or woolen jackets; fiberfill for sleeping bags, winter coats, and dog beds; industrial strapping; sheets and thermoforming (shell) of containers; and auto parts, such as headliners, bumpers, and door panels.

At a time when the planet is full of plastic, both in its oceans and on land; we must be more aware when buying and recycling, and of the environmental impact of our consumer behavior.

Here are some ideas on how to reduce your use of plastic.

  • Do not use single plastic bags use, use resistant and reusable cloth bags for the supermarket.
  • Do not buy disposable plastic cups, use a thermal container for coffee that you can take with you everywhere.
  • Avoid using calimetes, straws or straws (the name varies depending on your country of origin). Drink directly from the glass.
  • Don't buy food in foam-type plastic containers. Take your food from home in a reusable thermal plastic container.
  • Select PET containers with your distinctive seal. Check the bottles of your cleaning products like drink bottles to make sure.
  • Discard plastics in a garbage can specifically intended for it. PET bottles are not recyclable when you mix it with food waste!

Did you know that a traditional plastic takes up to 1,000 years to decompose? Well start read labels and use PET!

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