wind turbine

Wind power. The force of the wind in favor of sustainable development.

Reduce the carbon footprint through wind energy.

For centuries long before fossil fuel made its debut, since 1 AD, people have been using wind power as an energy source.

Wind turbines were rarer than current ones and produced energy to pump water for crops and also livestock. Even now, a visit to Amsterdam without visiting some windmills in the countryside is definitely unthinkable.

The first wind farms in the world are in the Netherlands.


Initially the windmills were used by the Dutch to pump excess water that flooded the crops.

Later, the processing of cocoa, spices and wood were its uses. Later, with technological evolution, the 'wind turbine blades' arrived as part of the refinement.

Initially, windmills were made of quite primitive technology and were wooden in nature, with more research and development, now it has steel components and even some new generation technologies such as nanotechnology participation and the ratio of its efficiency has increased dramatically.

The Spanish, the US, the Dutch, Germany, Denmark and India are currently emerging as major players in wind energy harvesting.

The American 'multi-blade turbine system' pioneered the harvesting of electrical energy from wind power. By 2000, world wind energy production was approximately 10 megawatts of energy.

With the emphasis now on green energy systems or clean energy and environmental preservation, green energy wind power has an important role to play in the global energy production scenario.

Currently, the cost of producing wind power ranges around 2-3 cents per kilowatt, compared to 4-6 cents for coal and 10-14 cents for nuclear power.

While the Fossil fuels produce CO2, which is a source of environmental pollution and a major reason for global warming, replacing the consumption of fossil fuels with a more efficient alternative energy source, such as biomass fuel, bio thermal solar energy and kinetic energy from wind, CO2 emissions and the greenhouse effect can be drastically reduced.

In search of a new energy model.

Create hybrid cars and renewable energy sources may be the only way to reduce the carbon footprint that litter our habitat and also cause numerous health problems, especially respiratory tract and cancers.

Just as it is common knowledge that a diesel car is more fuel efficient than a gasoline vehicle; Replacing fossil fuel with a renewable energy source like wind power will be more desirable and also economical to generate electricity.

Green jobs and green investments are very much in line with efficient energy production and use. The United States produces more than 3 billion kilowatts or wind energy, which is equivalent to 6.4 million barrels of oil!

Therefore, for efficient energy production and to safeguard the future of the planet, this renewable source of energy must be harnessed and invested more to realize its true potential.

It has been estimated that even if 5% of American farmland were used for wind power production, replacing fossil fuel, 10 million metric tons of CO2 emissions would be avoided! Thus reducing a huge burden on the environment and reducing the carbon footprints.

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