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krill oil

Krill oil. Oil of Eternal Youth?

Not only from the earth do super foods come. From the sea too ...

Krill, a marine crustacean that serves as food for numerous marine species, especially whales, with about 80 species of this, is the base of a super oil used as a dietary supplement.

Saying super oil falls short when compared to Omega 3 in fish oil, it contains 40 times more of this antioxidant, and 300 times more power in anti oxidation than vitamins A and E.

It is also 34 times more effective in its antioxidant effect than other foods with the enzyme Q10, which the body produces naturally but its production decreases with the natural aging process.

Their contributions to your health

The extraordinary benefits of consuming Krill oil, they lie in that thanks to the superlative concentration of healthy fatty acids of omega 3, 6 and 9; Together with liposomes that facilitate the transport of good fatty acids to cells, they help to:

Control cholesterol and triglycerides, preventing the formation of plaque in your circulatory system and eventually the development of cardiovascular problems.

They control the inflammatory processes in the joints, which is why every day it is more popular among athletes. Reduces symptoms of pre menstrual syndrome.

It helps concentration and memory, while its effect on Attention Disorder Syndrome is being studied.

Due to its concentration of Anti-Oxidants, a daily dose delays the effects of free radicals on skin cells. Free radicals, of which you have heard over and over again when talking about oxidation, are those that are created when an electron, remains without a partner and in the process of stabilization, "steals" an electron from other molecules progressively until it forms a chain that generally begins by degrading, or "oxidizing" a cell. This oxidation of the cell shortens its life, its ability to leave and eventually degenerate into a cancer cell.

In conclusion, krill oil not only improves your cardiovascular health, or helps reduce inflammation, but the oils extracted from this little crustacean help maintain your cognitive function.

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