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kale chips

Kale, a Superfood that will supplant snacks as we know them?

> Yes, the organic trend is reaching the big snack companies.

This vegetable, originally from Europe, is already in the shape of a Chip, and what a way! Without being cooked with oils, but baked and dehydrated, preserving all the nutritional elements that make it a superfood.

Some facts about Kale

100 calories of Kale have more than 350 Mg of Omega3, much higher concentration than any other existing food.
One cup of Kale contains more micrograms of vitamin K than any other to which you want to compare it.
Kale contains a concentrated vitamin load (K, A, C, E, B2, B1, B6, B3), minerals (Iron, Manganese, Copper, Potassium, Calcium), Beta-carotene, Omega3, Proteins and Fiber.

A weapon against cholesterol.

Once the digestion process begins, our liver releases cholesterol to produce bile acids. These acids are used by our body to digest and absorb nutrients from the body; however they are generally reabsorbed by the body. The extraordinary ability of Kale fibers to bind to cholesterol in the intestine, results in it being eliminated in regular evacuation with food waste. From this it follows that the body must use cholesterol reserves to produce new bile acid, reducing the level of cholesterol drastically in the body.


Due to its concentration of anti oxidants, it prevents the body from suffering from oxidative stress and extreme inflammation, which are causes of cancer in the body. So far studies have proven that regular consumption of Kale is a direct risk reduction factor for prostate, ovarian, breast, colon and gallbladder cancer.

Do you want to make your own Kale chips? Follow this super simple recipe.



INGREDIENTS 1 bunch of kale 2 tablespoons olive oil Adobo to taste

PREPARATION Clean the cabbage, and remove the vein from the center. Use only the leaves that you are cutting into 2-inch pieces. Dress with marinade and olive oil. Place on parchment paper in a microwave safe plate. Then using the microwave, bake for 3 minutes. If they are not crisp the first time, bake 30 to 30 seconds until they are the crispy consistency you want. If you don't eat them all, you can keep it for two more days, but pack it without air!

Do you want to learn new ways to introduce this vegetable to your daily diet? Follow us in the section recipes...

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