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6 ways coconut oil helps you lose weight

When it comes to "super foods" that can help you lose weight, coconut oil is by far one of the best.

Organic virgin coconut oil offers several benefits that directly enhance the body's ability to lose extra pounds, most of which have been proven by scientific research, not to mention a long history of use by tropical cultures around the world. world. From faster metabolism, to improved thyroid hormone and overall health.

This list highlights the top 6 ways coconut oil can help you lose weight.

  • Boosts Energy Levels: Coconut oil is primarily made up of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) from lauric acid. This essential fatty acid is metabolized very differently compared to other saturated fats, such as those contained in most meat and dairy products. The human body does not store digested MCTs as fat, but instead transports them directly to the liver where MCTs are quickly converted to energy.

What does this mean for your weight loss efforts?

Adding two to three tablespoons of coconut oil to your daily diet, when consumed in the morning, can increase your energy levels by an average of 5% for a full twenty-four hour period!

  • Decreased hunger and cravings: We have already mentioned that medium chain triglycerides go directly to the liver during digestion. This not only gives the body a prolonged energy boost, processing MCTs but also has the added benefit of reducing hunger and cravings. It's easy to see how this can help you lose weight faster.

Enjoy two to three servings of coconut oil each day to feel full faster and kick the habit of snacking on heavy foods between meals.

  • Burn Fat Faster: If you are looking to reduce your daily calorie intake and lose weight faster without compromising your health, you are in the right place. A drop of coconut oil improves the body's ability to digest food and absorb nutrients so that you can eat less without feeling weak or tired all the time. Also, because it is the natural state of mind, daily consumption of coconut oil can help you feel less stressed and more motivated to participate in healthy cardiovascular activities that help burn stubborn fat stores even faster.

Regular consumption of coconut oil has the power to boost fat burning - especially to lose belly fat - improving digestion, regulating your appetite, and simply making you feel good!

  • Helps balance your hormones: Without the proper building blocks - usually fatty acids or derivatives thereof - your body cannot adequately synthesize the hormones needed to regulate things like mood, thyroid function, digestion, sexual desire and metabolism. The medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil help the body convert cholesterol in the bloodstream to the pregnenolone sterone. This endogenous biochemical agent is one of the main responsible for the production of hormones in the human body. What does this mean in a nutshell?

Virgin coconut oil is an organic oil that promotes the production of healthy hormones that improve digestion, reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy, and help you burn stubborn fat stores like those around the waist, the buttocks and thighs. It also reduces the appetite, so taking coconut oil to lose weight is a beneficial aid for your health.

  • Helps the body absorb nutrients more efficiently: As mentioned above, coconut oil has the power to improve digestion. More importantly, consuming coconut oil daily actually helps your digestive tract absorb fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) more efficiently. These vitamins are responsible for such things as cell regeneration, healthy skin and bones, improved mood, and brain function. The additional vitamin D aids digestion by promoting the absorption of essential minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

How can it help you lose weight faster?

When your body has all the vitamins and minerals it needs, everything falls into place. This means less Stress, hunger reduction, and increased motivation to achieve your goals. Enjoy a tablespoon or two of coconut oil every day to keep your body running smoothly - like a well-oiled machine!

  • Helps stabilize your blood sugar: Because coconut oil is easily absorbed without the need for digestive enzymes, the pancreas is less stressed and able to produce insulin more efficiently. Also, as a saturated fat, coconut oil makes it easier for cells to bind with insulin during digestion. With a daily dose or two of coconut oil you can actually help your body keep blood sugar levels stable, promoting efficient insulin production and use, thus providing more glucose for energy and aid in weight loss. .

The benefits of coconut oil are many, and even to help with the scalp to combat the Dry Skin, coconut oil, along with olive oil; It is an ally in your kitchen and in your daily life due to its high content of healthy fats.

Remember: All things in moderation! Coconut oil is high in calories. Limit your intake to one or two tablespoons per day so you don't inadvertently sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not only a diet to lose weight, it is a daily combination of healthy eating or drinking a few liters of water a day, but also doing physical exercises in conjunction with an attitude of conservation and care of the planet, including all living beings that surround us!

Text taken, translated and adapted from Paleo Diet magazine.

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