Guava, a super fruit that is in season.

We are in summer, and one of the seasonal fruits with a good water content and an exquisite flavor is guava, one of the American fruits that is exported to the whole world and in a certain way, like mango, defines the term fruit tropical.

It is a super fruit because when you compare it with others such as orange, its vitamin C content can be 4 times higher than that of its citrus counterpart.

This content of this vitamin makes it essential in the formation of bones, and the strengthening of the immune system.

While it is low in sodium, guava is rich in potassium, as is the Kiwi; so it's great for stimulating nerve endings and the responsiveness of your muscles.

It also has an extraordinary concentration of vitamin A, for those who want to maintain an eagle's eye, as it maintains the ability of the rods of your retina to capture light. It is rich in vitamins C and provitamin that have antioxidant properties that are beneficial for the immune system and to counteract the effects of old age.

It contains eugenol, a compound that has anesthetic and antiseptic effects in your body, helping to fight infections by eliminating bacteria.

The white pulp of the guava contains properties that serve to help control the blood pressure.

Its fibers are ideal for keeping your digestive system working harmoniously, thus helping to prevent intestinal constipation.

Guava, in each of our countries is an intrinsic part of our cultures. It is used mainly in desserts and preserves, the best time for its harvest and consumption is in summer since at that time the nutritional content of the guava is optimal.

To lose weight, many people use Guava tea because it has diuretic properties. It is very simple to prepare with 4 guava leaves and a little hot water, letting it rest for a few minutes; and drinking it for several days

Did you know…

  • the Guayabera, a shirt with wide pockets, was born in Cuba, and was used by the pickers of that fruit. And today, even senior dressmakers are dedicated to making very expensive pieces based on this model?
  • In Venezuela, being "Enguayabado" is being in love?

Certainly! we are gobbled up by the benefits of this fruit and its delicate flavor!

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