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coconut milk

Alternatives to cow's milk. Fourth part. Coconut milk

Did you know that the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) eliminated cow's milk from the food pyramid for not being essential in nutrition? 

Certainly with the proliferation of genetically modified pastures and the amount of hormones and antibiotics with which they usually inject cows, the search for alternative sources to this is a priority.

Coconut milk, along with others such as soya, kamut y almonds, is an exquisite source of nutrients and an ideal base for thousands of dishes. When you taste it and integrate it into your nutrition you will see that everything our parents taught us about cow's milk, although with good intentions, is out of date.

Coconut milk benefits

  1. Coconut milk is one of the preferred ingredients in paleo diets for containing a high level of protein. Superior to other milks.
  2. Its fats are saturated vegetable fats, very good for your heart and circulatory system.
  3. It contains a high level of soluble fiber, which helps regulate your digestive tract and drags away toxins accumulated in the intestine.
  4. Its vitamin B content is ideal to keep your energy levels at peak.
  5. It is a very important source of selenium, an anti-oxidant mineral element that is ideal for keeping wrinkles at bay and delaying old age. However, it also contains others such as chromium, phosphorus and potassium which have an influence on the correct functioning of your nervous system and the way in which sugar is processed in your blood.
  6. Regarding sugar, its content is low, making it ideal for diets low in it.
  7. Does not have lactose, for those who are intolerant of it.
  8. Because it is of plant origin, it does not contain cholesterol!


Don't be afraid to start making gradual and healthy substitutions in your diet starting with switching to plant-based milks. 

Then you can continue by changing your oil for coconut oil when cooking, and so on.

At some point you must start, and you will see that soon you will be so used to eating healthier, that from the nutrition itself you will begin to live a new lifestyle, a lifestyle in Equilibrium.


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