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mole with chicatanas

Chicatanas, the star ingredient of traditional Oaxacan cuisine

Edible flying ants that are collected only once a year whose smoky flavor combines elevates the flavor of typical Mexican recipes.

Traditional Oaxacan cuisine includes the use of unique and exquisite ingredients from the region, such as the Chicatana ant, considered a delicacy that, in addition to accompanying various typical dishes of the state with its delicious flavor, provides important nutritional value, being high in proteins.

These edible insects They are collected in a sustainable way, only during one season a year, when the first more intense rains are registered in the Oaxacan municipalities, mainly in the Costa region. The inhabitants of the communities collect them taking care of their habitat, however due to their limited availability and high demand, their cost can exceed a thousand pesos per kilogram.

To be able to consume them, they first have to be toasted on the comal with a little salt, with this procedure the wings fall off and they are ready to be consumed as a snack or in a great variety of dishes prepared with ancestral recipes and other more contemporary ones.

Its flavor is unique, difficult to describe even for those who consume it year after year, but there are those who point out that it is similar to that of almonds, hazelnuts or peanuts. The only forceful thing is that the Chicatanas are no longer only an icon of Oaxacan cuisine, but of the country.

The different recipes prepared with Chicatanas combine perfectly with mezcal, since the characteristic smoke of both creates a synergy on the palate that exalts the flavors of each product. Dare to try them with Mezcal, a traditional premium spirit, Smooth Smoked thanks to the Perfect Harmony of two distillations, ideal to pair with these insects.

 Among the typical dishes of Oaxaca to which this insect can be integrated, is the mole: from black to red, each one as different as the seasoning of the person who prepares it.

This gastronomic delight made with chili peppers, spices, bread, omelette, banana and even chocolate, is already exquisite on its own; however, the integration of the chicatana in its preparation makes it the jewel in the crown. Imagine a piece of chicken, bathed in mole, accompanied by SEÑORÍO Mezcal Reposado!

Each filtering bag Oaxacan tamales They are also an excellent option to try these ants and make them the star ingredient in this dish. Made with corn dough and wrapped in banana leaf, they perfectly complement the chicatana, whether they are added as a filling or even in the preparation of the sauce, giving a classic tamale a different touch without losing its essence.

We could not ignore you wash, declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO since 2010. This corn tortilla of about 30 centimeters in diameter is served with quesillo, refried beans, jerky or jerky and cabbage, and what better than to top it with a delicious sauce prepared with chicatanas!

The food of Oaxaca It is as extensive and varied as its regions, enjoying and tasting each of the dishes becomes an experience if you surround yourself with the perfect accompaniments, such as mezcal.

This ancestral drink, also of Oaxacan origin, combines perfectly with the flavors of the state that show an infinite range of combinations. Try the Chicatan ants with your favorite dish and do not forget to accompany it with Mezcal, which has the balance between soft notes of smoke and the flavor of Espadín agave.

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