Avocado From Mexico to the world.

Due to the biological diversity that exists in Mexico, we find a large number of foods rich in nutrients and flavor, one of them is avocado.

The name of this fruit comes from the Nahuatl, ahuacatl, which means "tree testicles" and is part of the diet of the vast majority of the country's inhabitants.

In the country there is a great variety of avocados, approximately 20 species. Its tree grows up to 20 meters high and its cultivation dates back about 9 thousand years ago near the Coxcatlán cave in Tehuacán, Puebla.

1 out of every 3 avocados consumed in the world comes from Mexico.

According to SAGARPA, Mexico produces about 644 thousand tons of avocado per year. About 85% of the cultivation of this fruit is the Hass variety and it comes from the state of Michoacán; being between October and February the peak harvest season.

Today avocado production in Mexico is one of the country's main sources of income, producing millions of dollars for the country's industry and agribusiness.

Associations of producers and exporters of this fruit depend directly on its cultivation and export, as well as the communities that depend on them. And that is why the planting and cultivation of avocado is protected as a national product, and in the face of threats of export tariffs, there is fear due to the economic and social impact in Mexico, which already depends more on this “green gold”.

Avocado for everything ...

The growth in the consumption of this fruit around the world is based on the benefits it brings not only to gastronomy but also to cosmetics throughout the planet.

Among the advantages of consuming avocado, one of the most outstanding is its property of reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis, reducing bad cholesterol and its positive effect on the asthma and arthritis.

Besides being eaten fresh, the pulp can be frozen and dehydrated. The leaves, seeds and bark are used as a medicinal remedy and for the production of dyes and its oil extract is used in the cosmetic industry.

Due to its flavor and texture, avocado is an excellent companion for many dishes, an example of this, it is the internationally known guacamole. Among its nutrients are a high content of calories, protein, lipids, vitamin A, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. As a curious fact, the day of the Super Bowl of Football in the United States is the day that avocados are eaten the most in the world, and it is Mexican!

If you have space in your home, we recommend growing this fruit, as it adapts to the vast majority of climates and soils. Remember that when plant a tree The entire ecosystem benefits as its roots help to preserve rivers and aquifers

Did you know that producers depend on the bee?

El Bee Research Center, attached to the University of Guadalajara is working constructively not only with the large producers, but with the small ones for the correct management of the hives that are mobilized seasonally between the various fields of the region.

The role of bee as pollinator to achieve good harvests for farmers in the area is essential. And while avocado growers feed the small workers, they help the Mexican avocado to bear fruit and help the communities.

Education on the use of pesticides in the field, and the extraction of honey is essential to maintain the population of these colonies that are so necessary.

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