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The art of being in balance .. Feng Shui

If you are one of those who believe that positive thinking attracts good things, that words are decrees, and you move away from those around you and affect your peace, Feng Shui is for you.

Of all the ancient cultures there are elements in common. The Egyptians aligned the pyramids with the stars, the Mayans and Aztecs also, the Chinese are no exception.

Thousands of years old, the book of the I Ching, or Book of Changes, marked much of the ideology and worldview of Chinese culture and from which many of its practices emerge; and Feng Shui is one of them.

Trying to achieve harmony and balance in the energies that surround you and allow that energy to flow towards you, is the goal of Feng Shui. For them, this current of Chinese thought studies changes in nature, climate (wind and water) and even the stars, trying to determine how those energies that undoubtedly surround us flow, and how they affect us from our mood and even our prosperity.

The principles of Feng Shui establish cardinal points related to constellations of stars ancestrally identified by the ancient advisers of the Chinese emperors, relating them as in the Chinese worldview, with animals such as the phoenix, the turtle, the serpent, the dragon or the tiger.

Each of these cardinal points influences the way we must arrange the elements and energies within the home, from the front door to the house, doors and windows to allow the chi to flow through the wind towards the water that resides in us. as a reception center for the positive energies that ultimately determine, according to this way of thinking, our health and happiness.

There are some basic ideas without knowing much of oriental philosophy, which are aligned with Feng Shui, that you can implement to achieve this goal and see how the climate of your home changes.

  • In your house take advantage of every ray of daylight, let them enter and illuminate your life. Avoid the dark, open your windows to life.
  • Use natural plants as accessories.
  • Use light colors in your decoration
  • In the dining room, orient the furniture in such a way that it is pleasant for the after-dinner table and stimulates that feeling of being at home and wanting to maintain ties with your family at the table.
  • Less is more, do not overload the house with furniture and pictures on the walls, this hinders the flow of energies.
  • Keep your home clean and tidy.
  • Try to keep some windows open so circulate the air.

There is much more than these feng shui tips, as they are just some basic ideas so that once you implement some changes and see the results, you continue to adopt them in your daily life, removing negative energies from you and balancing your life. We will keep giving you tips how to do it.

May peace be with you, abundance and above all Equilibrium!

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