banana flour, gluten-free

Banana flour. A sweet gluten-free option.

Doing recipes with banana flour is a trend.

If you thought that using almond flour in your recipes It made you feel innovative and healthy, banana flour is another ingredient that will give a different nuance to your dishes.

The kitchen for celiacs, and even for people who want live gluten free has changed a lot in recent years, especially when it comes to baking. From alternative flours like almond, coconut flour, oats and even sweet potato flour add different flavors, textures and nutrients, all of them in a lighter, gluten-free way.

One of them tendencies brought from the Caribbean, Africa and Central America is the use of banana as a star ingredient in the kitchen. From tostones, roasted bananas, mashed bananas, banana cakes and even in drinks, such as smoothies; Banana has been present in these regions for generations.

The biggest benefit, a very light digestion.

Because it does not contain gluten, it is an ideal option for celiacs to whom so much damage is caused by the wheat flour found in the vast majority of desserts y loaves of bread. However, the flour of this fruit is high in potassium, fiber and resistant starch that helps it maintain a low glycemic index.

How is this sweet flour made?

Banana flour is made from green male bananas, that is, unripe.

If you've tried the difference between traditional tostones or a ripe banana roasted in the oven, you will know that the sweetness of one is unmatched by the other.

This is because the ripening process involves a process of transformation of starch into sugar.

In the case of flour, the green banana is dried and finely ground, so it has a light brown color, a still sweet smell but not so sweet on the palate.

The color tone of the flour results in recipes with a slightly darker color than those made with traditional flours that are very white.

Nutritional properties and use in the kitchen

  • Like other tropical fruits, its nutritional properties are enviable. Not only because it contains minerals such as potassium, but it is rich in B vitamins and rich in minerals.
  • It is an excellent source of prebiotic fiber that supports the intestinal flora. Allowing for the rest a regular intestinal transit and above all gluten-free.
  • If you are insulin intolerant, banana resistant starch is beneficial for controlling blood sugar spikes, keeping the body's processing process more stable.
  • Its processing in the stomach is slower than that of other flours, which increases the feeling of satiety for a longer time.
  • As we said, this flour has a very peculiar flavor, and although it is made from less sweet bananas, it retains its flavor so it has a distinctive flavor that is reminiscent of this delicious fruit through the palate.
  • In the case of making substitutions in your recipes , which is the initial step to a healthier life, the conversion rate between banana flour and wheat flour is ¾ for each cup of wheat flour in the recipes .
  • This flour is not jealous, it combines very well with other flours, and recipes as MuffinsThey are delicious combined with flour such as oatmeal, combined with delicious antioxidant strawberries.
  • Another way to use this innovative flour is as a thickener. Many recipes require a small teaspoon of cornstarch such as cornstarch; that of bananas is a very interesting option to give more body to those soups or creams.
  • As an option for a paleo diet, you can add a teaspoon to your protein shakes to help add flavor and thickness.

Although it is unlikely that you will find it in a common supermarket, each day they are more frequent. Meanwhile, you can look for it in health food stores and on websites that offer products to celiacs. So it is not impossible to obtain and use it regularly.

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