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Why buy organic food?

Organic foods are those that have been grown in soils that are not only rich in minerals and properly treated, but those that in their growth process have not been treated with chemical pesticides, fertilizers or others whose ingredients are highly toxic to our health.

Organic also means that their seeds or strains have not been genetically altered, that is, their genetic code is original from nature and not commercially registered by a company.

They also assure us that neither hormones nor antibiotics have been used in its production. If we buy organic food we contribute to producers who are struggling to do something good with our health. And we can reduce the causes of sensitivities to certain foods and digestive problems.

Definitely buying quality food allows us to avoid health problems in the long term and is the best investment that can be made for our entire family.

Food recommendation that despite not being organic are considered the cleanest of chemicals:

• Asparagus • Avocados
• Cabbage • Cantaloupe melon
• Eggplants • Grapefruit
• Kiwi • Mango
• Mushrooms • Onion
• Papaya • Pineapple
• Sweet Corn • Peas
• Sweet potato

Foods that we should treat are always organic:

• Apple • Celery
• Cherry tomato • Cucumber
• Grapes • Chili peppers
• Nectarine • Peach
• Potato • Spinach
• Strawberry
• Pepper

Today, given the need to feed the world, large corporations have carried out genetic experiments to modify food, making it more resistant to pests, larger, with a higher growth rate and more dense in the growing space; However, these products known as GMO's (Genetically Modified) have resulted in food allergies, immune weaknesses and other side effects that are still being investigated in the human body.


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