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What is the Keto diet? and why does it work?

The ketogenic diet is on the lips of many for the results you get.

You may lose 4 to 20 pounds in the first 30 days. 

Some people enter ketosis more easily than others. You may have some ailments known as the "keto flu." You can choose how strict you want to do the keto diet to achieve a reprogramming of your metabolism 

The Keto diet (for Ketogenic) or Ketogenic, is based on the recovery of the ability of human beings to burn their own fat. 

This process is known as "ketosis." To reach this state it is necessary to eliminate any other source of energy (carbohydrates, alcohol, etc.) and increase the amount of fat we consume. 

As you read it: you have to eat more fat to burn stored fat. This challenge aims to bring you to a state of ketosis so that you can lose weight and sizes easily, quickly, naturally, tasty and without stress. 

Step by step, at your own pace, more than a diet; Keto is a style of eating.

One of the best virtues of the keto diet is that you decide how strict you want to do it. And that's going to largely depend on how you feel at first, how quickly you lose weight, or how long it takes to get into ketosis.

The rule of thumb for successful ketosis lies in the proportion of food on your plate, and the way you learn to shop at the supermarket.

Healthy substitutions are essential to learning how to reprogram your body and your eating habits. If you decide to follow a keto diet, you can start by changing your grocery list. 

Rice can be substituted for broccoli or cauliflower rice, potatoes for zucchinis, wheat flour for coconut or almond flour; and sugar from stevia and other natural sweeteners. The list goes on, and far from limiting you, they expand your culinary tools while improving your health.

Before starting any food or diet program, it is important to consult with your doctor. Some of the conditions to watch out for

Herpes Zoster. 

Herpes zoster can be kept under control if we achieve a strong immune system. The ketogenic diet provides vitamins and foods that help improve this condition. 


  1. Ketosis has been used for a long time to control epilepsy. However, there are interactions with medications and it is important to take into account the following:
  2. Depakote (valproate or valproic acid) is actually a fatty acid that cells can burn for fuel. Since the ketogenic diet accelerates the metabolism of fats, it could happen that the effects of Depakote decrease, so the dose would have to be adjusted. If this happens, you may feel that Depakote is not working as well as it did before changing your diet. In some cases, it may be necessary to temporarily increase the dose of Depakote as you adjust to a ketogenic diet. 
  3. It is recommended to have a blood test to determine Depakote levels before starting the diet, so that if you notice any problems along the way, the blood level can be rechecked and the dose adjusted accordingly. Always, of course, hand in hand with the attending physician. 
  4. Lamotrigine (Lamictal) may decrease the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet. 

Urinary Incontinence

 Incontinence is very common and it is a condition that we should not ignore. With the ketogenic diet, you are going to go to the bathroom more than normal, but then those ideas become regular. 

Take precautions. I recommend that you do pelvic exercises and that if you have painful intercourse, or any other associated symptoms, have it seen by a doctor. 

The ketogenic diet will help you as it is an anti-inflammatory way of eating that promotes hormonal balance. That is why I recommend using progesterone cream and DHEA

For the rest, the ketogenic diet has a large number of delicious recipes for a delicious eating plan, rich in fruits and vegetables that will help you maintain your energy while burning fat stores.

All these delicious recipes, from lunches to delicious desserts like ice or cakes, you can find them in our recipe section and as on our website.

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