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Refined brown sugar and sweeteners… Facts and fiction.

Today sugar is demonized by the high rates of diabetes and obesity in many countries that, like Mexico, have skyrocketed the incidence rates of these diseases.

However is sugar bad?

The answer is very simple, NO. In fact, sugar is an essential natural substance in the diet of us humans for thousands of reasons, from the caloric intake to the nutrients it provides to the body. Where does the problem lie? In our habits on the one hand, and because of its inconsiderate and widely diffused use in the food industry.

The vast majority of foods contain sugar, or are converted into glucose by the body. This glucose is necessary for the cells as food, and especially for the brain that consumes about 20% of our energy production. However, muscles, red blood cells, nervous system, retina, etc. they need glucose to function properly.

How can it be malignant?

The negative effects of sugar consumption come mainly from several circumstances.

Excessive use of refined sugars in the diet.  As we mentioned, almost all foods in one form or another contain sugar. Carbohydrates are processed in the body and converted into glucose. Sugar as we know it is sucrose, and obtained from sugar cane it can be consumed as refined sugar or brown sugar.

El refined sugar It is extracted from cane and processed to remove impurities with acids and a form of calcium to whiten it.  Once processed, many of its essential vitamins, minerals and fibers for the body are eliminated in the process. And once the body metabolizes it, but it does so in an inappropriate way, contributing to the oxidation of cells (aging) and poor absorption by the body. This malabsorption is what causes obesity, and its consequences on the body in how it affects the production of insulin, and its quality, leading to the development of diabetes

On the other hand, there are artificial sweeteners, which although some claim to come from natural sugar, actually contain a number of filler chemicals such as chlorine, which are also absorbed by the body, to the point that many studies still point out that when not being able to be eliminated can be carcinogenic.

Stevia, one of the last sweeteners to be commercialized, has been used by mankind naturally for many years as a plant sweetener. It is 100% natural, and no chemicals are added in its processing. It has a very low glycemic index, contributes a minimum amount of calories to the body.

El agave It is also a sweetener that is being used more frequently every day because it also comes from a plant, and in its processing no chemicals are added that affect its absorption by the cells of the body.

Food industrialization.

The food industry uses refined sugar to give textures and as a sweetener in food in an indiscriminate way. If you already consume carbohydrate foods, sweeten the juices with refined sugar at home, and incidentally also consume industrially processed products that add excess sugar to your body, it is not difficult to explain the high levels of obesity and diabetes due to the body's inability to adequately process and tolerate this excess amount.

What to do?

  • Consume sugar in a natural form, not industrially processed. Avoid white sugar. And if you use it, let it be consciously, do not sweeten everything.
  • Minimize the consumption of industrially processed products. Consume more vegetables than carrots have natural sugar.
  • Do not consume drinks with artificial sweeteners.
  • Do exercise. Your body regulates itself and consumes excess glucose, apart from putting all your systems to work and eliminating toxins naturally.
  • Moderate the amount of sugar you add to your food and drinks.
  • If you are a diabetic, use natural sweeteners with a low glycemic index and slow absorption in minimal amounts.
  • Check the sugar substitutes that are served in restaurants, not all are approved by the FDA; and in fact, recent studies have been removing some brands from the market for their long-term incidence in the development of cancer.
  • Reduces the csoda drink to a minimum and drink natural juices without added sugar.
  • Check your blood sugar levels with your doctor at least once a year to monitor your health.
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