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digital dog collars

A digital collar to save your dog's life!

Wow! A collar that can save your pet's life by allowing Pet owners have a quick response to any emergency.

Rodrigo Ordoñez, Jorge García, Karen Chávez, María del Carmen Pérez as well as Diego Góngora and Mariana Ballesteros, students from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus, developed a prototype of a collar capable of analyzing the pet's compartment to offer it better quality of life and welfare to the animal. 

This is SalvaGuau, a first prototype that, by means of an accelerometer and GPS sensor, offers users a reading of physical activity and location in real time of their pets, which allows to act in time in an emergency and thus be able to save their lives.

"The idea of ​​a companion came up, her pet died of a disease that was detected very late and as a result of that experience we saw the possibility of making a collar that can detect certain anomalies", Diego Góngora said.

The students of the Business Administration and Strategy and Marketing, Communication, Industrial and Systems Engineering, as well as Digital Animation, presented this innovative development at the Empredeweb Catwalk, an event where they stood out as the first place before a series of projects, which allowed them to win a pass to participate in INCmty, a recognized entrepreneurship festival that takes place in our country.

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"It is an impressive leap, we don't even believe it, at the beginning of the summer we thought it was a project to fulfill a subject, but right now the possibility of making it happen causes us a great commitment to do things better", said Rodrigo Ordóñez, student of Marketing and Communication.

The team is currently in a development and research stage which has the main objective of obtaining information that allows you to provide more benefits to your pet in case of the use of a collar and based on this, the owners can take better care of their animal companion. 

Remember to be a responsible owner with your pets. Take your pet to the vet to check any problems immediately, such as fleas and ticks, which can cause damage to the nervous system of dogs and cats, mainly. Veterinary medicine and a preventive care They are key to preventing diseases transmitted by any contact with stray animals or ingestion of chemical substances.

Remember that adopting a pet in case of abandonment of animals is an act of humanity and loyalty to those animals that have so much devotion to us. If you detect animal abuse in any of its forms in your neighborhood, report it to the animal protection society. 


About Tecnológico de Monterrey

El Tecnológico de Monterrey (http://www.tec.mx) es una univdiversidad privada sin fines de lucro fundada en 1943 cuya visión es formar líderes con espíritu emprendedor, sentido humano y competitivos internacionalmente. El Tec de Monterrey cuenta con campus en 26 ciudades de México y una matrícula de más de 65 mil estudiantes de nivel profesional y posgrado, y casi 7 mil profesores; además de más de 27 mil alumnos de preparatoria y más de 2 mil 500 profesores en ese nivel. La Institución está acreditada por la Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC) desde 1950. De acuerdo con el QS World University Rankings (2020) se encuentra en la posición número 158, y en el QS Graduate Employability Rankings (2020) de opinión entre empleadores se coloca como la número 1 en México y como la 40 del mundo. En el Times Higher Education Latin America University Rankings (2019) se ubicó como número 1 en México y 5ª en Latinoamérica; y es la única univdiversidad fuera de EU en el Top Schools for Entrepreneurship (2019) de Princeton Review y Entrepreneur, al ocupar la posición 10 en programas de emprendimiento en licenciatura. Es la institución número 1 en el Sector Educación dentro del Ranking MERCO Empresas que mide la reputación corporativa en México.

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