soy milk

Alternatives to cow's milk. Soy milk.

Soy is one of the grains with incredible nutritional content.

Its uses in the daily diet go beyond consuming it directly, or in a delicious soy burger; Well, a delicious milk is made from it that is really an alternative for those who prefer to avoid milk of animal origin.

If you have read our previous articles on the soyaYou will know that this grain has much more iron than cow's milk, and for those who have adopted a vegan or vegetarian style of nutrition because of their love for animals, it represents one of the alternatives to the consumption of milk from them.

Another advantage, if you are concerned about your line, is that soy milk has half the fat and calories of ordinary milk.

It also does not contain cholesterol so it is ideal to keep your circulatory system and a heart less likely to have a heart attack.

If you are lactose intolerant, kamut milk They have, apart from the health benefits such as the one we indicate, of reducing cholesterol, but also avoiding the unpleasant gastrointestinal episodes caused by intolerance to the enzyme lactase.

It contains the same vitamin B content as regular milk.

If you are ecologically conscious, think of the following: In one hectare of land, you can produce more milk (which is actually a distilled beverage from soybeans, and not milk as such) from grain than from cows. In other words, the land is more productive that way.

However, as there are good things, there are things you should stop to think about when choosing a container with soy milk at the supermarket.

  • Choose brands that are organic. The proliferation of products derived from soybeans for their nutritional benefits is very great, this has led multinationals in the agricultural sector to genetically alter them to make them more resistant to pests and more productive. This genetic modification in food is today pointed out by many researchers as one of the causes of the increase in cancer, food allergies and other reactions that your body manifests when it cannot process them properly. Organic means tamper-free, pesticide-free, and naturally grown, organic is synonymous with health.

The excessive consumption of the soy drink is being analyzed for its high content of genistein, a natural compound to which alterations in the production of hormones, and a low amount of sperm in men are attributed. But like everything, excesses are bad.

Making healthy substitutions is a good first step toward better health. Look for milk substitutes such as plant-based drinks, and soy milk or Almond milk they are good alternatives for it.

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