Effects on the blood of the Kamut


Improve your health with alternative foods.

Combat or balance the excesses and the increase in Christmas cholesterol with foods that apart from being rich, take care of your cardiovascular health such as KAMUT® khorasan wheat and the following studies demonstrate its effects on the blood:

I enclose the incredible results of the three scientific investigations on how the consumption of KAMUT® khorasan wheat is a reducing element in the markers of cardiovascular health and in the symptoms of the syndrome. irritable bowel compared to any modern wheat and here is a summary. We have medicine at the very bottom of the pyramid of the Mediterranean diet.

  1.  In healthy subjects, it drastically reduces key risk factors for cardiovascular diseases such as cholesterol total (-4%), "bad" LDL cholesterol (-7,8) and glycemia (-4%).
  2.  In subjects already suffering from cardiovascular diseases, there is a significant improvement in the various key markers of cardiovascular risk, among which total cholesterol (-6,8%), "bad" LDL cholesterol (-8,1%), blood glucose (-8%) and insulin (-24,6%)
  3.  In subjects with irritable bowel syndrome, a significant improvement in the symptoms of this syndrome, such as abdominal intensity and frequency, bloating, stool consistency, abdominal distension and the quality of life.

* No improvement has been observed in any of the three cases for these markers consuming modern wheat.

Therefore, the positive effects on blood values ​​attributable to the consumption of KAMUT® khorasan wheat products have been evident in both the healthy population and the population with chronic diseases.

It is important to note that if you are Celiac and you are looking for alternatives to consuming gluten, Kamut wheat is not gluten-free, and probably other foods such as amaranth are the ones for you.

KAMUT® khorasan wheat and all products made from it can be found in organic supermarkets, organic sections of large stores or herbalists

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