5 facts about milk

5 facts you did not know about milk

This dairy is one of the essential foods for the development of mammals. There are several myths around this drink that make it more interesting.

Here we share the most curious data revealed in a study on milk carried out by Jesús Román, President of the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food Sciences with the BBC:

  1. In the animal world, human beings are the only ones who consume milk in adulthood, this is due to the nutritional transition they had when they stopped being nomadic and created sedentary societies. By being able to choose what to eat, it is clear that the consumption of cow's milk was considered a complete food.
  2. It is a myth that drinking milk causes cavities. According to the study carried out by Jesús Román, the belief that this dairy is harmful to the health of the teeth is false. Derivatives such as cheese and milk are rich in calcium, which is key to the formation of teeth. The World Health Organization WHO recognizes that the dairy consumption helps prevent tooth decay.
  3. Children under one year of age should not drink cow's milkSince fat and protein are difficult for a young child to absorb.

On the other hand, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) establishes that cow's milk does not contain enough iron and folic acid to meet the nutritional needs of children; while the Breastfeeding It is the one that provides absolutely everything that an infant requires for its growth and the construction of its immune system.

  1. Milk helps fight osteoporosis. To combat a disease in which the bones become weak it is necessary to have a balanced diet that maintains vitamins and minerals, since these strengthen the bones. Therefore, consuming calcium in our diet is of the utmost importance. In conclusion, milk helps but it is not the only way to fight osteoporosis.
  2. A very popular myth assumes that milk is fattening, however, a person gains weight due to excess caloric intake from their diet; milk and dairy products are nutritious, full of protein and micronutrients.

Certainly the sugar present in many types of commercial milk is an issue that you should monitor, as it can cause diabetes and obesity.

If weight is a concern, choose skim milk, which contains less fat.

Finally, if you consider milk as a food supplement, you can use it as part of your nutrition. There are alternatives to milk with a high content of vitamins and minerals, such as plant-based milks.

Certainly the myth of a "daily glass of milk" is a myth. The balance in your nutrition comes from a balanced and diverse diet. That is why milk is no longer in the famous nutritional pyramid.

Remember that, for a balanced life it is necessary to be well mentally and physically, achieving balance helps us to live in harmony with the Planet.

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