From gastronomy to medicine, the properties of the nopal make it of daily use.

Although emblematic in Mexico, the nopal is produced in several Latin American countries, being one of the most important vegetable foods due to the volume of production and the demand for it; as well as for the multiple benefits and derivatives obtained from this fruit.

From the cactus family, the Nopal is not only a good-tasting food but also contains a series of properties that give it medicinal qualities, such as reducing the symptoms of diabetes, helping to reduce sugar levels, and eliminating toxins. , lower cholesterol and triglycerides, also its calorie level is very low, which makes it perfect to be part of a healthy diet.

Among other benefits of the pulp of the prickly pear is the preparation of delicious desserts, stews and even cosmetics!

Next we will give you a couple of ideas to be able to exploit the properties of this magnificent fruit:

Medicinal properties of cactus

The nopal has various properties, among them it helps with gastrointestinal problems thanks to vitamins A, complex B, C, as well as a wide range of minerals and a set of 17 amino acids, which help eliminate toxins.

Its soluble fiber helps control excess gastric acid production, which hurts the stomach. It will also help protect the stomach lining, not forgetting that soluble fiber helps to have a good digestion and solve problems of constipation.

The high fiber content of the nopal fruit is beneficial for the detoxification, as well as intestinal transit.

It helps by contributing to the reduction of cholesterol levels, the level of sugar in the blood and reduces the risk of cancer in the colon. Its high content of calcium, dietary fiber, potassium, and magnesium help to improve your health naturally.

On the skin, it has beneficial effects on wounds by helping the skin to heal and prevent skin infections.

Benefits of nopal in cosmetics

Among the benefits of nopal on the skin, you can show off a fresh and healthy face, using a nopal mask.

To make it you will need a piece of nopal pulp. As a first step you need to remove the pulp from the nopal, which is very similar to small crystalline pieces. Then place them in a jar where the pulp can be kept fresh.

After washing your face, place the nopal pulp evenly and with firm movements all over the face. Wait for 20 minutes and then rinse your skin with plenty of water.

To show off shiny and silky hair, it is recommended to make the nopal mask on your hair, which is preferable to apply before bathing.

Without a doubt, the nopal is part of the basic ingredients of Mexican gastronomy: boiled or cooked on the grill, in juice, jelly, the cactus gives us great flavors and health benefits. Do not stop enjoying its many benefits and tell us what is your favorite way to enjoy them.

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