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4 reasons not to miss that fish

Benefits of fish in your diet

Eating fish brings many benefits to the human body. This food offers protein, phosphorus and vitamin D, in addition to improving cardiovascular health and helping the development of the eyes.

So here we show you some of the benefits of tasting fish and seafood.

  1. The iron. Tboth fish and shellfish They contain amounts of iron that the human body needs for many of its functions, such as helping red blood cells carry oxygen to cells and tissues. Also, These beings contain other trace elements, bioelements present in small amounts, such as iodine, zinc, selenium, phosphorus and copper that help the proper functioning of metabolism and the formation of various enzymes.
  2. Its content of Omega 3, since it is a "good" fat that protects the health of the heart, in turn reduces the level of triglycerides in the blood, preserves the good maintenance of blood vessels and provides very little lipids. Salmon, sardines and tuna are the ones that contain it the most.
  3. They are a concentrate of vitamins. They provide vitamin B, which makes cell metabolism work. They also contain a significant amount of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D and E, which help the proper functioning of the immune system, eye development and maintain strong bones.
  4. They have a protein content of 18 to 20%. Their proteins They are of high biological value since they contain all the essential amino acids in the proportions that the human body needs, in short, they are easily digested. So they benefit the work of hormones such as the transport of nutrients to the cells and the production of antibodies.

Despite the fact that aquatic contamination by toxic substances is currently alarming, and therefore increases the amounts of mercury that accumulates in the system of sea beings, especially large fish such as shark, swordfish and king mackerel , it is preferred to choose to keep the fish in a regular diet, as it reduces the risk of mental illness, stroke, Alzheimer's and type II diabetes; in other words, it favors the health of the nervous system.

This can be achieved through avoiding the consumption of large fish. Limit consumption in the case of pregnant women and children. Make a choice of fish and shellfish of small and diverse species, preferably, and that are of regulated origin.

El fish It is a food otherwise it is very easy to digest, and above all very versatile when it comes to preparing delicious recipes beneficial to health.

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