Watch out for ... eggs

It's not about breaking them, but about hurting yourself by not knowing how to serve, store, and cook them.

Vomiting, diarrhea, colic, nausea and even fever are symptoms of poisoning from consuming bad eggs.

Eggs, like meat, fish, and poultry, can contain very harmful bacteria that grow very fast at room temperature. Follow these steps on how to store, handle and cook safely the same.

How to buy and store

  • Buy only eggs that are refrigerated, and keep them refrigerated
  • Check that they are not dirty or cracked.
  • Store the eggs in their original carton, not in the refrigerator door, as temperatures vary each time you open it and that affects the quality of it.
  • Washing the eggs before eating them is unnecessary, in fact the egg and fruit shells are the best packaging that exists.
  • Eggs can be frozen for later use, but not in the shell. Break them up and store them in a tightly closed container

How to cook them

  • Wash your hands carefully, all utensils and areas where you are going to prepare food with warm water and plenty of soap.
  • Keep eggs separate from other foods in the kitchen area, don't mix them.
  • When you cook recipes that include raw egg, do not taste it directly.
  • If you use recipes with raw eggs for preparing sauces or other dishes, try to use organic eggs, which are safer.
  • When you make egg mixes for your recipes , beat them until they have a homogeneous consistency.

How to serve them

Dishes that contain raw egg as an ingredient should be served immediately, and not stored for long periods of time.

We recommend that you use organic eggs and free from animal abuseAlthough they are still a bit more expensive than regular ones, they are healthier because the hens were fed products that do not have hormones or genetically modified foods; all this you transfer to your body, and certainly they do not do you good Your Health.

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