Health is in your hands ... the net!

Your hands are the main means of contact with the environment around you.

You shake hands with many people every day, you take dirty things with them, and without knowing it you carry thousands of microbes with you not only on your palms but on your nails.

Many times you can take a model nutrition, but you suffer from stomach problems, viruses, and infections; And without knowing it, it is through your hands and their neglect that these pathogens enter your body. Maintaining proper hygiene is not only having them beautiful and groomed, it is a little more awareness about what you touch every day, and where it goes.

Taking care of your hands

  • Keeping your nails trimmed to an aesthetic point is ideal to avoid food residues underneath them when cooking, or taking dirty things with your hand. They don't necessarily have to look muddy to be dirty, and the best way is by reducing the space where dirt can be lodged.
  • A badly cut cuticle also leaves spaces where dirt accumulates, so it is ideal that you always keep a cuticle cutter and keep them at bay.
  • When washing your hands, remember not only your nails, but your nails as well. For a healthy cuticle, without drying or lifting, first wash them with soap, then with a moisturizing cream, keep them soft through massage.
  • Have on hand a hand brush with which you can, when bathing, carefully clean under the nails.
  • Keep nails filed without roughness.
  • If your hands are very dry, you can suffer from chapped hands. To avoid this when washing dishes, choose detergents that are less abrasive for your skin and for the environment, use protective gloves.
  • If you have the skin on your hands constantly exposed to chemicals, you can use a moisturizer or some natural oils such as almond oil or calendula oil to hydrate.
  • Remember to use some natural exfoliator like a mixture of Coffee grounds and sugar. You will remove dead cells and your hands will be soft.
  • If you suffer from allergic skin reactions, and you are very sensitive to chemicals, we recommend that you go to the dermatologist to determine what is the compound that hurts you.

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