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Save energy in the heart of your home: the kitchen

Tips to save electricity and gas.

The kitchen is a very important space in your home because there you prepare the foods that help you to have a healthy and balanced diet.

However, it is also a place where you can apply simple actions to save energy. In addition to supporting the balance of the environment, reducing your energy consumption also benefits your pockets.

  • When cooking, for example, you can cover the pots while preparing food on the stove to reduce gas consumption by making better use of the heat.
  • Another tip for save gas is to turn off the flame minutes before finishing cooking and let the accumulated heat do so. It is also important not to use pots that are smaller than the burners, so the fire will not escape.
  • On the other hand, the refrigerator is one of the appliances that consumes the most electricity. It can emit up to 140 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2). To save a bit of the energy you use you can avoid introducing hot food, so it will work less to cool it.
  • Maintain your freezer temperature. Keep the refrigerator door closed as much of the time as possible for the best energy efficiency of the compressor.
  • Organize the refrigerator so that food stays fresh and does not spoil.
  • You can save energy by checking the status of your electrical appliances, such as keeping the microwave clean or monitoring the sharpness of the blades of the blender . Placing them properly is an excellent idea, for example, the refrigerator can be placed in ventilated spaces away from the stove and the sun's rays to improve its performance.
  • Finally, before purchasing a new kitchen appliance, check that it has energy efficiency labels, so you make sure you buy an appliance that is in balance with your kitchen and the planet.
  • Avoid turning on unnecessary lights during the day, try to take advantage of natural light as much as possible to reduce electricity consumption.
  • The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that remains illuminated the longest. Place LED bulbs to save on the electricity bill.
  • If you can use natural gas stoves, the better. The cost is generally less than that of electric stoves.

If you have more tricks to save energy in your home, share them with us!

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