juices to cleanse the liver

How to cleanse your liver with these 13 steps


Follow these healthy tips for an efficient liver cleanse.

Excess junk food can put an additional burden even though the liver is an efficient filtration system. 

Cleansing the liver can help relieve allergies, improve liver function and help the body maintain a healthy weight. For this it is important to know what foods to consume and what foods to avoid to obtain remarkable results.

A good start in the detoxification.

A few days of light fasting to help flush out toxins that existed in the body often precede liver cleansing diets. During this fast, eat fruits, drink more water and green juices.

To cleanse the liver, your consumption of unprocessed foods should increase.

A liver cleansing regimen focuses on drink a lot of water and eat fresh, healthy food.

Here are the tips for foods that are also suitable to eat while cleaning and foods to avoid.

  1. While beans are rich in liver fiber, whole grains like brown rice and oatmeal help stimulate digestion.
  2. Raw fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Vegetables and fruits should always be organic and fresh as much as possible.
  3. You can also choose to do juices to cleanse the liver  mixing your vegetables and fruits to easily increase your healthy food intake.
  4. Omega-3 oils are great for cleansing the liver and are available in foods like flaxseed nuts and blue fish.
  5. Raw avocado is among the healthiest sources of oils, most of the liver diet consists of raw vegetables and fruits, which should make up at least a third of the food consumed daily.
  6. Since the focus of the diet should be on healthy whole foods, eating unhealthy foods is out of the question. You should avoid any food that you can find in almost any packaging, including boxes, bags, cans, and plastics.
  7. It's best to avoid sugar, but if you need to sweeten a bit more, use natural alternatives like agave nectar, stevia, honey, or maple syrup. Include high-fat meats like pork and fried foods.
  8. Avoid all foods with additives, pesticides and antibiotics; In other words, if you want maximum efficiency in detoxifying your body, eat organic food.
  9. Alcohol has been a burden on the liver and should be avoided at all costs. Avoid overeating, do not put your liver to work excessively.
  10. Eat small to moderate meals throughout the day. Eat your largest meal for breakfast and eat your lightest meal for dinner.
  11. Take at least 8 hours of sleep  per night.
  12. Cleanse yourself by eating healthy, raw whole foods and avoiding fatty and unhealthy foods; that definitely benefits the liver because they conserve more vitamins and minerals.

Maintaining a healthy liver is very important for overall good health. In addition to a healthy diet, a liver cleanse can be helpful for all those who struggle with gallstones and fatty liver other than maintaining good general health, and adding more years to your life.

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