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How to have an unforgettable Christmas party next to your pussycat

Feline crash-proof Christmas decorations

The Christmas holidays are yet to come, and with them family or friends gatherings also appear, accompanied by dishes and typical food of the season, as well as the desire to decorate our house with a variety of ornaments, among which crowns, frosts stand out. , decorative dolls, plants and, of course, the Christmas tree.

However, if you have a kitten in your family, you know that all this can be a challenge.

To avoid accidents with tree decorations, food or other things typical of these festivities, Pussycat®, a formula made with 30% highly digestible protein to nourish your pussycat, share some simple recommendations that will help you and your pet have an unforgettable holiday season.

Christmas tree

It is very likely that by now you have already chosen the perfect place to place it, where you will later decorate it with striking and elegant spheres, as well as other figures and blinking colored lights so characteristic of this season. Cats are explorers by nature, and the tree will be no exception to examine. This new object - and its ornaments - will catch your attention from the first moment and the main reasons are its natural curiosity and to assert its territoriality, since that space is theirs.

To prevent your kitty from using it to climb or making new toys out of the ornaments that hang from it, it is advisable to place the tree in a room where it cannot enter or where we can control its access; If this is not possible, the option can also be to fix it to the floor or ceiling in case it is too high or to a wall, as well as put it away from other furniture to prevent our feline from using it as support to jump on it.

Another point to consider is that Christmas decorations The most striking are at the top, out of your sight - and out of your reach - as well as avoid using those that are made of glass or that can be easily broken and could hurt you.

Christmas lights

Whether it is to decorate the tree, the windows or any other place in our house, its striking colors and sparkles will always attract the attention of our pussycat. To avoid accidents, it is best to place them out of their reach, hold them firmly in the place where we place them and, of course, disconnect them whenever we are not nearby, because our kittens do not know that electricity runs through them that could cause harm. By following these simple tips, we can prevent them from suffering from burns or other injuries.

Avoid poisoning and take care of your diet

It is very common for us to bring the characteristic to our homes poinsettia, a striking plant typical of this time that stands out for its green and red leaves, or mistletoe. However, it is very important to take into consideration that these plants are on the list of harmful plants for kittens, so it is best to avoid them if you have a cat at home, since even putting them in a high place it is common and normal that they lose some leaves over the days, which would remain within reach of your pet and could cause some discomfort .

On the other hand, either by accident or because a clueless visitor gives your kitten a piece of food that is not suitable for him, it is always important to monitor any behavior or abnormal symptoms that he may present. Therefore, it is best that your cat is always well fed and nourished, which you can achieve through Minino® Special Christmas Edition, with 30% protein and which is made with chicken and fish for proper muscle maintenance. provide healthy skin and shiny hair.

Another common recommendation that you can put into practice is to spray the spaces where you want your kitten to stay away with natural repellents citrus fruit, as this will prevent it from approaching. Another option, although not so practical but effective, is to put some orange peels. Of course, before deciding on any of these options, it is best to consult with your veterinarian.

Without a doubt, patience will be your best ally since even following these tips there may be fallen trees, broken decorations and other types of incidents. Your kitty is worth everything, therefore, dedicate time to play with him and entertain him, this, in addition to showing him your love, will help him lose interest in all those ornaments. The important thing is that they mutually enjoy each other's company.

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