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Keeps harmful insects away without harming them


Among the great diversity of species that inhabit the planet are a large number of insects, which by their nature can pose some kind of danger to people, from the simplest itching or irritation reactions to poisoning.

Therefore, it is important that you can keep these species away. However, it is important that they are not mistreated or murdered in any way. Remember that we live in an interconnected system in a chain reaction, that is, we alter the balance of natural all food chain it can be negatively affected.

There are a wide variety of chemical repellent substances, especially for common insects, however, unfortunately most of them contain DEET and Permethrin, substances that are harmful to your health, not only to the insect.

El DEET can irritate the skin, generate rash, swelling and insomnia. It even acts as a solvent, damaging some plastics. In the environment it is toxic to freshwater fish, so it is necessary to avoid contaminating the water, since it does not dissolve or mix well with this element.

Permethrin is a very powerful substance, so it is recommended to use products that contain a maximum of 5% of this substance. This chemical not only repels insects, but also eradicates them. If you use it, you have to be careful when using it in the presence of cats, as it affects their central nervous system and liver, causing serious health problems, even death.

Undoubtedly, this type of product arose from the need to put a stop to the bites of certain animals, which cause serious health problems, even the death of people; However, these repellants do not discriminate the type of insect they kill, and can kill other beneficial species for the balance of the planet.

Fortunately, there are several natural options that have the same effectiveness and because they do not contain chemicals, they do not pollute the environment and are not harmful to our health.

Herbs and fruits such as cloves, apple cider vinegar, citronella essence candles, lemon, orange, chamomile, rosemary or lavender, are some natural products that help us repel mosquitoes. In addition, in some cases they also eliminate the eggs or larvae, preventing their proliferation.

These homemade repellants are not only effective for mosquitoes, but also for cockroaches, flies, ants, bed bugs, and fleas.

For example, if you require a repellent to hide from mosquitoes, you need baby shampoo, 1 liter of water and 30 units of nail Of smell. Make an infusion with the cloves, strain and pour it into the shampoo, mix it until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Then just apply to the skin.

Sometimes common sense and prevention help a lot more. Don't leave doors and windows open in the late afternoon, when insects are most active. Also, place insect screens on the windows so as not to stop the circulation of fresh air inside your home.

Another aspect of chemical repellants is that some contain propellant gases that damage the ozone layer.

Although it is true that we require these products to be able to enjoy life in a better way, it is important to understand that each living being fulfills a fundamental function on the planet and that as such it helps human beings to exist. That is why it is necessary to use products, essences or methods that help us repel these types of animals from us, not to annihilate them.

Find out how to coexist amicably with the various species that inhabit the planet together with us.

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