If you have ever tried to have a small garden, however, no sprout came out, we will tell you the main reasons why sometimes the seeds do not germinate well.

One of the main reasons is that the right type of seed is not used, since not just any seed is used to germinate.

The seeds of the food that we use in some preparation under cooking have been subjected to heat and have lost part or all of their ability to germinate, therefore we must use 'seeds to germinate'. These can be purchased at farmers markets or organic farming.

Another point is because they were sown out of the proper time. Depending on the seed, if the temperature is cold, the seeds will not grow or will grow very slowly. For the seed germination process, a warm temperature is needed, since the more heat there is in the environment, the faster the plants will develop, but the heat is also conducive to the proliferation of fungi and other microorganisms.

It is also important not to plant them too deep, since all seeds need air to be able to live, so the seeds must be covered only with a thickness of soil twice their size and if it is a very hot season with a layer between 7 to 8 times its volume, all of this so that it is in better contact with the humidity of the earth, since this is of the utmost importance.

Humidity is essential, from sowing until the plants are born, since germination takes place only under the appropriate temperature and the water that penetrates the seed, this to soften it and thus facilitate root growth. If the seeds remain dry for a single moment, no matter how long they were watered afterwards, what was lost can no longer be recovered.

Light is another important factor. Plants need sunlight to grow. However, depending on the type of plant, some are more tolerant of sunlight than others.

If you make a home garden, take advantage of all the organic waste in your kitchen and make a compost or organic compost. Also take advantage of the erase the coffee to generate nitrogen in the soil, which is beneficial for the growth of your plants.

If you find Earthworms, do not kill them, they are your allies to decompose the earth and facilitate the roots to penetrate the soil and your plant to take hold.

You have probably already discovered what caused your little field to fail. Try it again! The benefits of doing this activity are enormous, not only to your diet by eating fruits, legumes and vegetables organic, without polluting agents, but also to your economy, since the savings you will have in your expenses will be significant and especially to your state of mind.

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