What are hangovers and why do they cause headaches?

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There is a breaking point between enjoyment and discomfort the day after.


These days parties are the order of the day. Meetings or posadas at friends' houses, corporate parties, and family events; they all have something in common: the liquor runs in abundance!

 Maybe it's very nice to party, to enjoy the stress relieving effect that alcohol brings for a little while. However, there is a breaking point between the enjoyment and the discomfort of the day after. 

Known as the hangover effect, “hangover” in Mexico, the “mouse” in Venezuela, or the “hangover” in the United States, headache and physical discomfort are the first symptoms that there has been too much. Dehydration caused by excess harmful residues when metabolizing alcohol, low sugar levels in the body, and generalized muscle pain throughout the body.

Each organism seems to tolerate certain types of alcoholic beverages better or worse. For example, there are people who do not enjoy a good red wine and it causes terrible headaches, perhaps caused by the sulfites that are added to the grape when it is harvested to prevent it from oxidizing quickly. Other people react terribly to liquors like gin, and vodka; that come from grains, and that the response of your immune system is violent when interpreting the histamines of the same, the origin of these drinks as if of a reaction allergic It will be.

There are many reasons for a hangover, and each person reacts differently to each type of drink. But here are a few tips:

    • Know your body, keep a limit between what it means to be happy and what it means to drink too much. Listen to that little voice that in a moment tells you “enough,” and stop. The best way to avoid a hangover is to manage yourself within your parameters.
    • Do not drink without anything in your stomach, as you absorb alcohol faster, and the effects are faster and more powerful.
    • Know what your “poison” is. If you have already tried many drinks in your life, you will know which ones affect you, and which ones don't. Don't invent, enjoy what is good for you. This editor in particular has 3 that are “choice” and I try not to invent them (red wine, vodka and tequila).

Drink a lot of water, keep the body hydrated. All those invented recipes to eat this or that thing, they do not work, only the water keeps all your tissues hydrated, and especially your meninges (your head!) So that you do not suffer those headaches. As an option you can also drink natural isotonic drinks to recover the electrolytes stray and take a pain reliever to relieve tension headache.

Please be aware, if you drive, do not drink alcohol. It's not for the breathalyzer, a fine is nothing. Your life and yours is everything. If you can use a taxi service or shared trips, or just talk to who you are going to party with and take turns to always have a designated driver.

If your head hurts the next day, you did something wrong. Equilibrium, please

Frequently asked questions from our readers:

Hangovers are the unpleasant symptoms we experience after consuming alcohol to excess. The headache that occurs is mainly due to dehydration caused by alcohol, since it acts as a diuretic and causes us to urinate more frequently, which in turn makes us lose fluids and electrolytes necessary for the proper functioning of the body. . In addition, alcohol can also cause inflammation in the blood vessels in the brain, which contributes to headaches. Read more here: https://www.equilibriumx.com/tips/que-son-las-resacas-y-por-que-el-dolor-de-cabeza
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