celtic salt

Celtic salt ... not ordinary salt.

Salt is certainly necessary for life. Contains sodium and iodine, two minerals that play a role hormonal glands such as the thyroid, or in the absorption of water in the body.

Culinarily speaking, it adds flavor to food, stimulating the taste buds and enhancing the taste and appetite for them.

Celtic salt, directly extracted from seawater, contains a high content of minerals such as potassium and magnesium, which, unlike common salt, is not refined, is sun-dried and does not contain any chemical additives during its processing. which is a salt that can be certified as organic.

Due to its chemical constitution, it is one of those that is closest to the body fluids of the human being.

Its flavor and contribution to the kitchen is different from regular salt since, because it is not chemically treated by the food industry, it preserves many of the minerals found in the sea, and in fact, many believe that in a gastronomic way that flavor to " sea ​​"is its most outstanding feature.

It is raw, that is, it is the thick crystals of salt in its natural form; but since its use is in the kitchen, not on the table, it dissolves easily.

There are many other types of cooking salts, and each one keeps within its crystals a little the flavor and aroma of the regions where it comes from.

Did you know…

  • Energizes muscles, prevents muscle cramps, soreness, contractures ...
  • In the bathroom, it helps to combat fatigue, stress and fatigue accumulated after a hard day's work or any kind of effort, making our body relax and revitalize.
  • Daily consumption of salt eliminates and / or alleviates skin problems such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, fungus, lip sores, insect bites.
  • It prevents the appearance of varicose veins and spider veins on the legs and thighs.
  • Prevents and / or relieves rheumatism, gout, arthritis or osteoarthritis.
  • Sodium intake reaffirms the structure of the skeleton and makes the bones hard. Osteoporosis appears due to the lack of salt, since if the body needs more salt than is supplied, it extracts it from the bones.
  • It has a great bactericidal and antibiotic effect.
  • It is highly recommended for weak people.
  • It is a natural antihistamine, antiallergic.
  • Influence your nervous system. Regulate sleep, acting as a natural hypnotic, developing healthy sleep patterns.
  • Helps eliminate recurring infections.
  • Regulates the water content in the body, important for proper functioning.
  • It is important for generating energy in the cells of the body.
  • It is important in the absorption of nutrients through the intestinal tract.
  • Eliminates toxic acids (uric acid, lactic acid).
  • In a few weeks, there is a great transmineralization and an extraordinary enrichment of calcium, magnesium, fluorine, etc.
  • Raw salt helps preserve food where refrigeration is inadequate.
  • Excess salt consumption is directly linked to Hypertension and fluid retention, so you should reduce consumption to prevent it from being harmful to your health.

Salt gives flavor to your food, such as meat and fish, it is healthy; but like everything we always tell you: In Balance!

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