Among spices and herbs. Oregano benefits


Oregano has been known since ancient times for its benefits to gastronomy, it is the object of study for its powerful bactericidal effects.

Although this herb has always been recognized for its health benefits, and its antifungal and antibacterial effects have been recognized, its active ingredient carvacrol is more and more used by the food industry as a preservative to prevent the decomposition of the food for those same bacteria that make us sick.

Currently, even more in-depth studies are being carried out on its effect on the so-called "super bacteria or super bug" which is highly resistant to other drugs, but seems to yield to this compound.

Among the benefits of oregano, it is an excellent digestive, helps reduce intestinal spasms or colic. In the case of women, during the period it is ideal to reduce pre-menstrual symptoms.

As an anti-inflammatory, oregano helps with toothaches and headaches.

With a few leaves you can prepare an infusion that serves as a natural remedy to combat urinary infections and as a dewormer.

In inhalers, the essential oil of oregano serves to clear the airways and thus relieve simple congestion to improve episodes of respiratory diseases such as asthma.

In the diet it has excellent antioxidant effects to combat the aging, and degeneration of cells.

However, in the kitchen as an aromatic herb it is exquisite, as it gives a touch to the food that enhances its flavors. Can you imagine a pizza without oregano?

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