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Organic cruelty-free eggs

What is the difference between organic free range eggs and regular eggs?

Most eggs are laid by hens kept in cages on factory farms or in closed barns.

Because they are so closely confined, their beaks are generally clipped to prevent them from attacking and possibly devouring each other. Free-range farms have low poultry densities, all-day access to the field, and good animal husbandry practices. No hen on an open farm has its beak cut off because without full beaks, they cannot feed properly and it is very pathetic to watch a bird that has been beak cut trying to pick up a worm.

Hens live in the wild, free to roam at all times, they feed on predominantly native pastures and eat the seeds, insects, insects, worms, etc. that they find; and they can only do it because they have a whole beak. Most egg farms, even those that claim to be "open range," do not have fully beaked birds. They choose to mutilate their chickens to avoid problems arising from aggressive behavior within their herds because they have too many chickens. Violence resulting in injury or cannibalism is only a serious problem on factory farms.

If an aggression problem arises within the flock, either the farmer has bought the wrong type of hens, or he has too many per hectare. The maximum number in each pen per organic farm can be 350 chickens, with generally several pens per farm. Many so-called 'free' farms have many thousands of hens in houses and limit access to the outdoors, with no hens going out at all.

With mobile stables that move regularly through the paddocks, it is also possible to maintain the growth of the pastures all year round.

Generally, the eggs produced by hens that eat organic food are free of chemical antibiotics, growth hormones and other substances that are transferred during the food chain to your body, causing degenerative diseases.

While free-range or free-range eggs, and even more organic ones are more expensive, they are healthier; and above all free from animal abuse.

It is important whenever read the labels before buying!

Remember, even if you are not Vegan but at least you have a little awareness about animal abuse and the benefits of a diet with organic products, that the quality of life of farm animals directly impacts the quality of the food you eat, and eventually, your health .

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