Nutmeg, a spice that should be used for beneficial but with caution.

Coming from Indonesia, this seed, contained within the fruit of the tree of the same name, was traditional in oriental cuisine, however its use has spread to the rest of the world; which has made it its own in exquisite culinary dishes, as in other applications.

En aromatherapy, Nutmeg oil is used to control and relieve rheumatic pain for its analgesic effect, while its smell provides a relaxing sensory stimulus.

This same aroma has been used by the perfume industry to make delicate essences under the finest and most expensive commercial names.

In gastronomy it is used both in confectionery, and in the preparation of slightly stronger dishes such as curry, as it has a flavor that is both fine and sweet, spicy with a touch of citrus.

Its use in your kitchen: common nutmeg is used to season meat and fish dishes.

It has very positive digestive effects, helping otherwise in combination with Chamomile infusion (just a pinch) to combat flatulence.

For acne sufferers, a mixture of five drops of its oil with a tablespoon of honey and milk powder make an ideal mask to improve the appearance of the skin.

Nutmeg is a species that contains antibacterial properties, like other stimulating properties of the nervous system as it helps induce sleep. Those same properties make it a nerve reliever, depression and anxiety of natural form.

The fruit of the nutmeg tree is also used in aromatherapy in the form of essential oils that, together with a good massage, help with muscle aches.

However, the use of nutmeg must be careful, it has side effects such as psychotropic and hallucinatory, similar to cannabis, if it is ingested in high quantities, although the effect is momentary.

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