What is stevia?

Much is the fashion and speculation about stevia.

It is on everyone's lips as the holy grail for diabetics, and a ray of light in the tunnel of those who want to lose weight; However, there is also a lot of controversy and bad faith from many merchants who use their good name on products without really providing the benefits of it.

Stevia is a plant whose culinary use dates back more than 1,500 years, and was used by the Indians in the Amazon rainforest as medicinal plant. Its qualities, however, are not exploited by the food industry until just a couple of decades ago when the problems that the same industry has caused in the diet and nutrition of people with excess weight and diabetes, have become evident and it has forced them to look for healthy alternatives.

This small leaf, once dissected, can be ground with the fingers of the hands and becomes a natural sweetener 300 times sweeter than sugar in its ability to sweeten everything from drinks to desserts naturally without any additive or process. chemical.

Its two main benefits are that, on the one hand, its glycemic index is extremely low so those who suffer from diabetes need to keep blood glucose levels as controlled as possible; and on the other, that it has practically no calories, so for those who plan to lose weight it is a sugar substitute.

These virtues are being exploited commercially in an unprecedented boom by the food industry. In the supermarket, you can find a whole section of sweetener products, and stevia is certainly displacing others whose aspartame content and others are harmful to health. However, you have to read the fine print well! On the same shelf, for sure, you will find, in the same color, with almost the same typeface, packages of artificial sweeteners that match the name of the word stevia, and do not really contain stevia, or only a small portion mixed with it. This is misleading advertising, and only you, by NOT buying them will make these practices stop.

Furthermore, carbonated drinks they are incorporating stevia in an act of restriction and marketing for the ills caused by the content of refined sugar and genetically modified corn syrup they use in their concoctions. But there is also a catch there! Well, they do not contain 100% stevia, but a part of it, and another of sugar; even if they dress in green.

tips :

  • Check the sweetener packaging in the supermarket, which says stevia as the exclusive ingredient.
  • Pleasure hydroponics homemade. You can sow this plant, cut its leaves and sweeten when you need it. Today there are decorative hydroponic planters that give a chic touch to your kitchen, and at the same time they help you maintain your health.
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