Equilibrium, the natural as a lifestyle

About us?

Our world has changed a lot in terms of the way we see food

and the way of living with conditions such as diabetes, celiac disease, obesity, among others; to the point that these are not limitations that we should resent, but rather as opportunities to live life in a healthy way, and change our habits; from how to buy food, eat in a restaurant, do physical preparation and finally, how to balance our daily lives and make them a lifestyle.
The word diet, as it was conceived before, of being somewhat restrictive, of forbidding tastes and sacrifices, is buried in the past. We want to help you internalize that you should live is a lifestyle, see food with taste and with a sense of quality of life, do sport with a goal beyond physical exercise. It will change the way you not only eat, but think, and act; and even the people around you will benefit from your way of life, and you will even be an example for your family.

Having Equilibrium is not only achieving that internal balance, but it is a consciousness that goes beyond ourselves. It is awareness with our environment, our resources, our animals, and the entire planet. You who read us, not only want to feel better, you want a better world, for yourself and for your children.

Being healthy, it will be your lifestyle!

We hope you like it and take advantage of our page, we have done it with all the pleasure and dedication for the benefit of you and your loved ones.
Eduardo Cabrera
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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