We are fascinated by Facts

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At Equilibrium, the natural as a lifestyle; we love numbers and facts.


At Equilibrium, the natural as a lifestyle; we love numbers and facts.

The sources

Having the correct measurements and verifying the sources is part of our commitment to provide accurate, verifiable and up-to-date information. That is why we have a group of certified collaborators in their professional fields; from physiatrists doctors for the sports area, nutritionists for the recipe section, psychologists, life coaches, among others. We also have the collaboration of Public Relations agencies and non-governmental organizations, who lend us or send us content duly documented with their sources.

The references

Thanks to the flexibility that electronic means provide us, we place the links to the bibliographic references under the articles, or as hyperlinks in the underlined words; facilitating a dynamic reading, as well as comprehensive of the contents.

The corrections

We timely received in our Contact Form, or through our social media; comments or corrections which we make on the articles themselves, in order to keep them updated and relevant. We are open to the collaboration not only of professionals but also of our community, in order to have direct and honest communication with our readers.

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